Under Cathaya Holding’s management, we diligently oversee the hotel’s Day-to-Day Operations, conduct staff training, and place significant emphasis on Guest Satisfaction.

Additionally, Cathaya Holdings carefully looks over the property’s revenue potential online and offline, ensuring that the hotel maintains a steadfast commitment to quality and adheres to brand standard.

Daily Operation

Includes front office (FO) operations, housekeeping, maintenance, food and beverage (F&B) services, and other key facilities.

Staff and Training

Making sure the property is fully staffed, and the staffs are equipped with necessary knowledge and skills in their specific department to maximize customer satisfaction.

Revenue Management

Implement strategies in room inventory management, setting competitive pricing, and using data-driven analytics to encourage revenue streams.

Sales and Marketing Support

Designing and executing marketing plans, driving sales through different channels including direct booking, OTAs, and travel agencies.

Quality Assurance + Brand standard

Enforces brand standards and quality assurance, make sure the service level is consistent and meet the brand expectations.


Property management systems (PMS) + customer relationship management (CRM) software.

Financial Reporting and Analysis

Oversees budgeting, financial reporting, cost control to ensure profitability.

Legal Compliance

Make sure the property complies with all relevant legal requirements, including health, hygiene, labor laws, government licensing, and safety standards.