About Us

Cathaya Holding specializes in hotel investment, development, and management. Our expertise is in the hospitality industry, including property acquisitions, renovations, revenue management, sales and marketing, and guest services.

What We Serve

Our objective is to optimize guest experience and maximizing property value by providing innovative approach to hotel management. Cathaya aims to operate hotels across various segments, including luxury, lifestyle, full-service, and select-service properties.

What We Care

We achieved success by investing our advantages

Accelerating happiness and creating performance

For our customers

Cathaya’s Mission is to empower our partners, colleagues, and our stakeholders to accelerate their potential and maintain the legacy.

For our partners

1. Empathy – People Centricity
2. Accountability – Accountable to clients, capital, colleagues, stakeholders, and community
3. Open Mindedness and Liberate Oneself: not afraid to test new ideas, speak up and be wrong, and to respect/cherish the diverse experiences of others

For our teams